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Dance band
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Die vier Musiker der bayrischen Partyband Gaudinudln beim der Kirwa in Litzlohe live auf der Bühne.

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Erhaltet mit einer Bandseite bei proudleut mehr Anfragen für Veranstaltungen, die wirklich zu euch passen.
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What does it cost me to use Proudleut?

The use of proudleut is free of charge for both bands and organizers. With us, you can focus on what's important — discovering great music and planning memorable events.

How can I make the band search sustainable?

The issue of sustainability in relation to band searches has many aspects and is one of the reasons why Proudleut exists.

The ecological concept is particularly important to us. When choosing bands for your events, we would like to encourage you to avoid long journeys. It is often possible to find suitable and great bands in your own area. Of course, there are situations in which special cultural conditions or conditions required by the event require specific bands, but in most cases, there are talented artists in your area who are perfect for your event. It's worth searching;).

Proudleut is here to help you quickly find such bands. If you need help finding a band yourself: We are happy to be there for you!

How does an inquiry work on

If you've found an interesting band, you can directly inquire about the band yourself. All important contact details are available on the respective band page.

In order to support us in our mission and to promote transparency for everyone involved, we would like you to briefly mention in your request to the band that the contact was made via A simple sentence would help us a lot, for example:”I found your band on and am interested in booking you for my event.

This small mention shows the bands that they can be found via our portal and helps to increase appreciation for our platform.

Thank you in advance for your support and wish you an unforgettable event and successful collaboration with the selected band!

How good are the live bands on

Tastes are known to be different, but on you can undoubtedly find the best live bands in our region. These bands and musicians combine an unwavering passion for music, love being on stage and have tremendous empathy and enthusiasm for the party people.


However, this empathy doesn't end backstage. They treat both organizers and other bands with a friendly and appreciative attitude and on equal footing. With such artists, you can enjoy the night to the fullest as an organizer and guest.


If you don't have the time for an extensive search, I will be happy to help you. Just get in touch with me and I'll be happy to help you with advice, assistance and my network.

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Kein Problem! Schreib uns einfach eine Nachricht, wir beantworten deine Fragen gerne persönlich.
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Weitere Fragen?

Kein Problem! Schreib uns einfach eine Nachricht, wir beantworten deine Fragen gerne persönlich.
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